The Crypto Stars NFT collection
The Crypto Stars Collection -
Publicly launched on 28/11/2022 featuring 333 unique hand crafted NFT's.

The Crypto Stars Collection were created by acclaimed French Artist Pierre Benjamin, and is aimed as a tribute to fascinating, appealing and prestigious figures that have been admired or abhorred throughout history. Included in the series are characters like Napoleon, Cesar, Shakespeare, Queen Victoria and many more. The aim is not to mock these figures, but to present them as satirical or caricatural. It is about highlighting influential individuals who have made an impact in history.

The Crypto Stars are appealing to all ages, They trigger conversation and debate, and spark interest in education and history.

The Crypto Stars NFT Collection was created in the middle of the pandemic, in early 2021. Pierre Benjamin initially made a series of 15 Crypto Stars but soon realized that this collection could have long-term success in the NFT space. After receiving positive feedback the artist quickly realised the potential to develop the series further.

Not only has Pierre Benjamin created these wonderful NFT pieces, but for those who favour traditional art, there are physical framed pieces of the Crypto Stars currently in creation. Greenwich Art Investment store will be showcasing these impressive pieces in the near future.

You can find out more about Pierre Benjamin himself here: