Bust of Antinonous

Here is another project l did as part of the Scan the world initative. Based on a scan of Antoninous which is plaster copy of an original marble sculpture located in the Pio Clementino collection of The Vatican Museums. For this project I did the retopo, UV, projection of details, Textures in Substance painter and rendered it for final presentation, scanned with Artec Eva -

The portrait features Antinous' characteristic fleshy, youthful beauty with particularly 'severe' corkscrew curls, a common style of his idealized likeness. The peculiar features of this bust have led many to propose it as a 'true' portrait of Antinous, though this has been debated on the ground that the treatment of the hair better corresponds to divinity than a human being. Many versions of this bust still remain (see Vatican , Vienna Kunsthistorisches and Antiken Sammlung ).
This scan was produced in collaboration between The Statens Museum for Kunst and Scan the World for the SMK project.