Uffizi Wrestlers

Here is another project l did as part of the Scan the world initative . Based on a 3D scan of Uffizi Wrestl . For this project I did some clean up , sculpting forms to refine it further, and retopo, UV, projection of details, Textures in Substance painter and rendered it for final presentation
The Wrestlers (also known as The Two Wrestlers or The Pancrastinae) is a Roman marble sculpture after a lost Greek original in the third century BC. The two young men are engaged in the pankration, a kind of wrestling similar to the present-day sport of mixed martial arts. The two figures are wrestling in a position now known as a "cross-body ride" in modern freestyle wrestling. The upper wrestler has his left leg entwined with hisopponent's left leg, with his body across the opponent's body, lifting the opponent's right arm. In a well-known modern series of wrestling moves, the upperwrestler would now try to lift his opponent's arm above his head to force a pinning move called the "Guillotine."