The Juno Ludovisi at The Faculty of Classics, Cambridge
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The Juno Ludovisi at The Faculty of Classics, Cambridge

Here is another project l did as part of the Scan the world initative . Based on a 3D scan of Juno Ludovisi . For this project I did some clean up , sculpting forms to refine it further, and retopo, UV, projection of details, Textures in Substance painter and rendered it for final presentation

The Juno Ludovisi (also called Hera Ludovisi) is a colossal Roman marble head of the 1st century CE from an acrolithic statue of an idealized and
youthful Antonia Minor as the goddess Juno. Added to the Ludovisi collection formed by Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi,
it is now in the Palazzo Altemps, Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome.

Casts of it are to be seen at the University of Cambridge Classics Dept Casts Gallery., Bryn Mawr and the Goethehaus in Weimar, Germany.

The model was provided by The University of Cambridge

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