The Crouching Venus

Here is another project l did as part of the Scan the world initative. Based on a 3Dscan of the crouching venus. For this project I did some clean up ,
sculpting forms to refine it further, and retopo, UV, projection of details, Textures in Substance painter and rendered it for final presentation

The Crouching Venus is a Hellenistic model of Venus surprised at her bath. The type typically depicts the Goddess crouching
with her right knee close to the ground, her head turned to the right and, in mouth versions, reaching her right arm over
her left shoulder to cover her breasts.

This sculpture is a heavily restored version of an original Crouching Venus housed at The Louvre, Paris.
The handprint of Cupid has been removed and her head and arms were added.
The work loosely derives from the Cnidian Aphrodite by Praxiteles.
This scan was produced in collaboration between The Statens Museum for Kunst (National Art Museum of Denmark) and Scan the World for the SMK project.