Saint François d'Assise
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Saint François d'Assise

Here is another project l did as part of the Scan the world initative. Based on a 3Dscan of st Francis of Assisis. For this project I did some clean up , sculpting forms to refine it further, and retopo, UV, projection of details, Textures in Substance painter and rendered it for final presentation. I also recorded the whole process on video which I may release it as a tutorial on Gumroad and artstation if anyone is interested. 
This cast of St Francis of Assisi is one of the saints carved for the high altar of the Santo in Padua, made by Donatello, which comprised numerous bronze figures and reliefs.This scan was produced in collaboration between The Statens Museum for Kunst and Scan the World for the SMK project.
St Francis is shown here holding a crucifix and the bible, his contemplative stance, suggesting his piety, is at the same time an elegant contrapposto pose, derived from classical figures.

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